We invite you to follow the video tour of our eight lovely ballrooms as well as our chapel and outdoor gazebo. We start outside on our picturesque 20 acres before heading through the lobby to the Grand Ballroom and Flame room suitable for parties up to and over 1,000 guests.

The video tour continues in part two with our elegant Crystal room adorned in white marble.  You will also see the lovely Sabre Room East perfect for smaller parties of 50-250 people.  And finally the Imperial Room which can be booked on its own or in conjunction with the Flame Room or Grand Ballroom if you wish to have a separate wedding.

Lastly you will see the Candelight, Music, and Veranda Rooms.  Though best suited to smaller parties they remain as beautiful as our largest ball rooms.  You can rest assured knowing that parties of all sizes are treated with first class service and impeccable attention to detail at the Sabre Room.

Finally the tour concludes with our Chapel and Gazebo available in the summer months for the outdoor wedding ceremony of your dreams.  Call us at 708-598-1200 or stop by during office hours to see our facilities in person.