The series Azur Lane, originally titled Sea of Japan in Japan, was released on January 9, 2019, during Japan’s Golden Week. It was an adaptation of the action game developed by Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi, known as Lords of Vermilion in English and Sea of Japan in Asia (April 8, 2019). Bibury Animation Studios, which debuted with Azur Lane, adapted the Japanese anime for television. Unlike most anime adaptations, Azur Lane started as a manga adaptation and garnered a dedicated fan base. Funimation licensed the anime and adapted it for Hulu TV. The anime premiered in Tokyo, Japan, and was broadcast on North America’s KOMB, BS11, TGJN, and AT-X satellite theaters on October 3, 2019. Recently, it has been made available on the QuickTime streaming service (March 20). An unconfirmed sequel is now rumored.


A formidable alien force named Siren emerges in the midst of the sea, uniting people from different walks of life to stand together against this unprecedented threat. The four nations swiftly engage in battle against the mighty Sirens, whose power can annihilate existing technologies. In response, they establish Azur Lane. The diverse characters within Azur Lane, with their unique personalities, band together to momentarily halt the warships and hurricanes. Our story revolves around these valiant girls as they confront an adversary more powerful than any they’ve encountered in their training.


The first season of the anime premiered on October 3, 2019, and concluded on March 20, 2020. Surprisingly, the first season sold 4,040 DVDs and captured the attention of 6,128 fans. Although not globally renowned, the series garnered a popularity score of 54.4. The sales of box sets and individual discs have an impact on the likelihood of a second season. Furthermore, the anime’s availability on platforms like Hulu TV, even in lesser-known Asian channels, has contributed to significant profits. While a second season of Tensho’s anime has not yet been officially confirmed, Bibury Animation Studios has released a new anime series titled “AzurLane Slow Ahead,” based on the original manga created by Bibury Animation Studios in collaboration with CANDY BOX & Yostar Pictures. This new TV anime premiered on January 12, 2021, on Tokyo MX, BS11, and AT-X channels, with 12 episodes broadcast worldwide.

Regarding the question about a sequel to the first game, there is currently no information available. The series has been published without any details about a follow-up, leaving the status of a sequel uncertain. Although the new anime series may not be to everyone’s liking after the first one, we hope you enjoy the new adaptation. We encourage you to watch the trailer for the new anime series “AzurLane Slow Ahead” for more excitement ahead!