Beau Daniel Garfunkel

Garfunkel was born on the 5th of October in the year 2005, and he presently celebrates his sixteenth year. His lineage boasts a family brimming with accomplished individuals in the realm of entertainment.


Garfunkel’s esteemed parents, Arthur and Kim Garfunkel, entered into matrimony in 1988. Arthur, Garfunkel’s father, epitomizes talent and versatility, renowned as an entertainer, author, and musician. He graced the world on the 5th of November in 1941, hailing from the United States. Global recognition embraced him primarily due to his exploits in the folk-rock duo Simon & Garfunkel, where his harmonious collaboration with Simon became iconic. The 1970s brought achievements, while the 1980s presented trials and tribulations in both his personal and professional life.

A brief union with Linda Grossman during the 1970s was followed by a poignant relationship with the actress Laurie Bird, which endured for five years until her tragic suicide in 1979. Garfunkel found solace in his brief yet meaningful engagement with Penny Marshall, channeling his grief into the creation of his album, “Scissors Cut,” released as a heartfelt tribute to Bird. Fate introduced him to the model Kim Cermack during the production of the 1985 film “Good to Go.”

Arthur remains active on social media, boasting over seventeen thousand six hundred followers on Instagram, though he follows no one. His Instagram handle is art_garfunkel01. Garfunkel’s mother, Kim, is equally gifted. Born in 1958, she currently graces sixty-four years and, like her husband, possesses talents as a musician and actress. Among her notable appearances is the comedy and teen show “Longshot,” produced in 2001, but information about her presence on social media remains elusive.


Garfunkel’s grandparents go by the names Jacob and Rose Garfunkel, though detailed information about them is not publicly available.


James Garfunkel stands as Garfunkel’s sole sibling, born on the 15th of December in 1990, making him thirty-one years old today. Following in the footsteps of both parents, he forays into the entertainment industry, gracing numerous film productions. James actively engages on several social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, among others. He garners over ten thousand four hundred followers on Instagram and follows one thousand four hundred and thirty-three individuals on the platform.


Garfunkel’s uncles bear the names of Jules B. Garfunkel and Jerome Garfunkel, yet extensive details concerning them remain unpublished.

Social Media:

Garfunkel himself does not partake in any social media platforms, but glimpses of him can be found on his brother’s page.


Currently, Garfunkel remains unattached, devoid of any publicly known relationships.