Hayden Dubose Proctor

Hayden Dubose Proctor, the daughter of the esteemed American television host Ainsley Earhart and William Proctor, was born on November 8, 2015. Following her parents’ separation, she was primarily raised by her mother.

Ainsley Earhart, Hayden’s mother, is a prominent television host and actress, known for her work at Fox News. Her conservative political commentary garnered recognition, and she became a favorite of former President Donald Trump, who enjoys watching her show, “Fox & Friends.” Ainsley’s career also includes appearances on shows like “Red Eye,” “Fox’s All-American New Year’s Eve,” “Hannity,” and “America’s News Headquarters.”

Hayden’s mother was initially married to Kevin Mckinney, but their marriage ended in divorce without any children. Later, Ainsley married William Proctor, and Hayden was born as a result of their love. William was a former football player who worked at Glaxis Capital Management, LLC, serving as the head of fundraising and marketing. He later moved on to become the head of Neuberger Berman’s wealth management division of its Sponsor Coverage.

Unfortunately, Ainsley and William’s relationship ended due to William’s affair, leading to their separation after their marriage on October 13, 2012. Hayden’s mother filed for divorce in October 2018, and the final judgment is yet to be determined.

Despite the challenges of raising Hayden, both parents agreed to be present in her life for her sake. As a result, Hayden enjoys playing soccer with her father, even though he is currently single after his divorce.

As a young child, Hayden has not started formal education yet, but she may attend playgroups and engage in homeschooling. Social media played a role in making Hayden known to the public, as her mother, Ainsley, introduced her to her followers on Instagram. On the other hand, Hayden’s father, William, leads a more private life and rarely updates his social media accounts.

While Hayden was born into fame, she lives a typical child’s life, relying on her parents’ wealth. Ainsley Earhart’s estimated net worth is $8 million, primarily amassed from her career as a television host, earning around $400k in salary. Her successful journalistic career has allowed her to provide for Hayden as a single mother. William Proctor’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, combining the wealth of both parents, Hayden has the potential to live a comfortable life.