Kali Drew Sheard

The celebrity scion is the progeny of J. Drew Sheard II, born into a revered lineage steeped in fame and renown. Furthermore, his aunt and grandparents have left indelible marks with their contributions to society.

Kali’s Ancestry

J. Drew Sheard II, also known as John Drew Sheard II, is a 28-year-old luminary in the realms of music production, R&B composition, and songcraft. From the very cradle of his existence, he was embraced by the mantle of music aristocracy, spending more than half his life entrenched in the melodic tapestry of the music industry.

His grandmother, the late Mattie Moss Clark, was a distinguished gospel choir director, while his mother, Karen Clark Sheard, is a prominent member of the world-renowned gospel ensemble, “The Clark Sisters.” Evidently, he was destined to tread the hallowed path of gospel music, following in the illustrious footsteps of his grandmother, mother, aunts, and elder sister.

Surrounded by a musical and spiritually eminent family, gospel melodies always resonated with Sheard, whether within the confines of his father’s church or while listening to his mother and aunts sing with celestial fervor. His very DNA pulses with the essence of gospel music. At the tender age of 14, he already exhibited his prodigious talent by producing his sister’s debut album, thus savoring his first taste of the industry.

However, despite his deep-rooted connection to gospel music, his heart also gravitated towards hip-hop and R&B, proving irresistible to his soul. Even in his early days, before acquiring his first drum machine as a child, Sheard indulged in crafting R&B beats, skillfully weaving melodies with the aid of karaoke machines. While some questioned this inclination due to his family’s gospel background, secular music had ensnared his fascination from the very moment he heard it.

Awards And Distinctions in the Family

Sheard’s accomplishments in the music and entertainment sphere earned him the esteemed title of “a 40 Under 40 Trailblazer” by the Michigan Chronicle on April 20, 2018. Although life did not unfold along the expected trajectory, he burgeoned into one of the foremost music producers and astute businessmen within his age cohort.

Aunt Kierra

Kierra Valencia Sheard-Kelly, an American gospel luminary, encompasses a multifaceted persona as a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, actress, businesswoman, author, and creative director. Born on June 20, 1987, in Detroit, Michigan, she was raised in the West Bloomfield area of the city, profoundly influenced by her family’s unwavering faith and musical legacy. From the tender age of five, she lent her melodious voice to the choir at the Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ, which her father, Bishop J. Drew Sheard, pastored.

As the granddaughter of the illustrious gospel choir director, Mattie Moss Clark, and the daughter of the esteemed gospel vocalist, Karen Clark-Sheard (a revered member of the Clark Sisters), Kierra’s artistic lineage was destined for greatness. In the blockbuster Lifetime movie “The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel,” she magnificently portrayed her own mother’s character. Kierra burst into the music scene in 2004 with her debut album “I Owe You,” following notable appearances on her mother’s albums, most notably the landmark “Finally Karen,” as well as her aunt’s musical productions. Her smash hit “You Don’t Know” was inspired by her mother’s harrowing near-death encounter with a blood clot.


Though scant details are available about Kali, his global admirers cherish him profoundly. His illustrious celebrity background and membership in a family of luminaries have already garnered him unparalleled fame and respect within society at such a tender age.