Lando James Neal

Lando James Neal graced the world with his presence on the 23rd of February in 2010. His father, Link, has achieved popularity on YouTube due to his diverse content postings. Lando, in turn, has made appearances in some of his father’s YouTube videos.


Lando’s parents are the esteemed Link Neal and Christy Neal. Link, a celebrated YouTuber, writer, and actor, has garnered recognition through appearances in numerous movies and TV series. Born on the 1st of June in 1978, he is currently 44 years old. His father, Charles Lincoln II, bestowed upon him his unique name. Link attended Buies Elementary School before furthering his education at the University of North Carolina, where he eventually graduated. His fateful encounter with the love of his life occurred during his time at the university. Link gained prominence after appearing on the renowned show, Online Nation, and has also demonstrated his musical talents through various songs. He identifies as heterosexual, and his zodiac sign is Gemini. As for his physical attributes, he stands at 6 feet tall, weighing over 74 kilograms, with captivating blue eyes and a shoe size of 11. Link is actively engaged on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, with a substantial following on each.

Instagram: @linkneal (over 766,000 followers)
YouTube: Rhett and Link (over 4.8 million subscribers)
Twitter: (over 622,700 followers)

Christy, Lando’s mother, is well-known as Link’s wife and has an array of talents. She is a prolific writer, having authored numerous books, and boasts a substantial following on social media platforms as an influencer. While in-depth details about her date of birth remain undisclosed, she is estimated to be between 36 and 40 years old. Christy’s net worth is approximately $500,000. On Instagram, she is active with 2,299 followers.


Lando has two siblings named Lillian Grace Neal and Charles Lincoln Neal IV. Lillian, born on the 7th of June in 2003, is currently 18 years old. She follows in her father’s footsteps, being a YouTuber herself, and maintains an active presence on various social media platforms.


Lando’s grandparents are Charles Lincoln II and Sue Capps.