Mendeecees Son,How Much Is Mendeecees Worth

Mendeecees Harris is a highly esteemed and beloved figure in the realm of celebrities. He is a prominent entertainment manager, a successful entrepreneur, and a gifted rapper. His multifaceted talents have garnered him an extensive following and substantial fame in all his endeavors. Being a prominent public figure himself, his fans were eager to embrace and elevate his young son into the limelight.

Continue reading to discover more about this cherished offspring, who has captured the hearts of many of Mendeecees’ admirers.

Personal Life

Despite being only 17 years old, this teenager has achieved remarkable popularity akin to that of any other celebrity. While specific details regarding his birthplace and upbringing remain undisclosed, it has been unveiled that he was born on October 11, 2005, as the cherished son of the illustrious Mendeecees Harris. He shares a sibling bond with three individuals, namely Aasim Harris, Skyler Smith Harris, and Omare Harris.

Mendeecees Harris, his father, entered into holy matrimony with his beloved spouse, Yandy Smith, in 2015, and has remained faithfully devoted to her ever since, leading a life centered around their unwavering love. Although they are not blood-related, all of his siblings are his step-siblings. Omere and Skylar were born to Yandy Smith, while Aasim was brought into the world by Erika DeShazo. As for Mendeecees Harris Jr., he was welcomed into the world by Samantha Wallace, a dental hygienist.


Fans have astutely surmised that this young man may venture into the realm of modeling, given his recent appearance in a striking modeling shoot shared by none other than his doting father. The photograph exuded an undeniable allure, underscoring his inherent suitability for the modeling profession, perfectly complementing his distinctive persona.

Mendeecees Harris has displayed no qualms about his son pursuing a career in modeling, as he himself was enamored by the modeling photo, in which Mendeecees Harris Jr. donned an elegant white suit.


Presently, no information pertaining to his educational institutions or academic qualifications has been made public. It is plausible that this information is kept confidential or that the young man received his education through homeschooling. The lack of confirmation leaves his educational background shrouded in mystery.

Mendeecees Harris Jr.’s Net Worth & Facts

As no sources of income are attributed to this 17-year-old teenager, his net worth remains undisclosed. However, he has exhibited a burgeoning passion for basketball, honing his skills to an impressive level as a result of his fervor for this beloved sport. There is also the possibility of him embarking on a professional athletic career, realizing his ambitions through his unwavering love for basketball.

Social Media Presence

His sole presence on social media is on Instagram, where he made his debut in June 2019. No official announcements have been made regarding his involvement on other platforms, rendering it challenging to locate his social media accounts beyond Instagram (@mendeecees).

In Conclusion

Given that Mendeecees Harris Jr. is a 17-year-old teenager, limited online information is available concerning this budding celebrity.