Sasha Vai Keneti Apa

Recently, the phenomenon of celebrity babies has reached unprecedented heights, captivating countless fans who admire these cherubic infants, bearing a striking resemblance to their exquisite parents, renowned luminaries across the globe. Among them is Sasha Vai Keneti Apa, a scion born into one of the most illustrious households, adored by a diverse fanbase.

While information regarding this baby has been shrouded in secrecy for quite some time, we have now taken it upon ourselves to unravel this enigma for you.

Delve further into Sasha’s story and discover her illustrious lineage!


According to the official announcement made by her mother on Instagram, Sasha, as of now, is merely an eight-month-old, having entered this world on the 23rd of September.

Sasha Vai Keneti is the beloved offspring of KJ Apa and Clara Berry, a union that exemplifies unwavering love and devotion to their singular progeny. Proud and content, the couple openly shares glimpses of their cherished daughter on various social media platforms.

Though Sasha Vai Keneti Apa’s parents have been generous in sharing glimpses of their bundle of joy online, they remain circumspect, veiling her countenance from public view, thereby rendering any detailed description of her appearance elusive.


At a tender age of eight months, it would be preposterous to speculate on Sasha’s future professional endeavors. While she is yet to take her initial steps, there is hope among her well-wishers that she might someday follow in her father’s illustrious footsteps and grace the world of acting with her undeniable talents.

Academic Pursuits:

Given Sasha’s nascent age of only eight months, information pertaining to her academic past or present remains nonexistent. Her parents, cognizant of the spotlight they inhabit, have chosen to shield her from prying eyes, safeguarding her identity.

Fame Impetus:

One might wonder what makes an eight-month-old baby such a captivating figure in the entertainment industry. The answer lies in the legacy of her parents, especially her father, KJ Apa, a renowned New Zealand actor who earned acclaim through his iconic role in the cinematic masterpiece, “Riverdale.”

KJ Apa’s repertoire extends beyond this remarkable portrayal, as he has graced soap operas and a myriad of other projects, endearing himself to an ardent legion of admirers.

Financial Status:

Given Sasha’s tender age, she is yet to amass any personal wealth or professional achievements, making the concept of her net worth inconsequential at this juncture. However, her father, KJ Apa, has an officially disclosed net worth of 3 million dollars.


The daughter of Clara Berry and KJ Apa finds herself at the epicenter of public fascination, chiefly due to the extraordinary acclaim of her father, a luminous figure in the acting realm.