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Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Theresa Larson encountered Jesse Ventura in 1990 whilst employed at a local McDonald’s. At the time, she was 19 and he, 39. They formed an immediate bond, and she left her residence to reside with him as his partner. Initially, they cohabitated in his Eagan home alongside his offspring and third spouse for a brief period prior to relocating to their own personal domicile. Indeed, Jesse Ventura had a third wife who was not averse to marriage or devotion. Astonishingly, this stunning brunette is not even the most prominent Mrs. Ventura considering he once wedded professional wrestler Richelle, also known as WWE Diva Alexis, and has remained wedded to her ever since.

Introducing Theresa Larson

Theresa Larson grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and attended New York City Community College for a year before relinquishing her studies to commence work. She was employed at a local McDonald’s when Jesse Ventura arrived one day for lunch, and their relationship blossomed instantaneously. She resigned from her job and moved in with him the same day. Larson has two children from a previous relationship, a son and a daughter, both of whom were quite young when they relocated. The couple began dating in 1990, and Jesse Ventura proposed to her on June 14, 1991. They exchanged marital vows on July 18, 1991, in observance of Jesse’s father’s birthday which fell on the 16th.

The Reason Behind Jesse Ventura’s Marriage to Theresa Larson

Jesse Ventura has never concealed his ardor for marriage and commitment. He has always been vocal about his adoration for the institution and even went so far as to say that he would marry again. We have previously discussed Jesse’s penchant for marriage, but it is worth reiterating because of its significance in relation to his relationship with Theresa Larson. The two were actually in a relationship when Jesse encountered Richelle, his third and current spouse, who would later become his legal spouse. Despite this impending relationship, Jesse was still convinced that he should wed Stephan and make an honest woman out of her. They became engaged, and Jesse took Theresa to meet his family in Minnesota.

Elisheva Shurda, Jesse and Richelle’s Daughter

Jesse Ventura and Richelle have a daughter named Elisheva Shurda, born in 1992. Richelle discovered she was pregnant, and Jesse proposed to her. They had an unofficial marriage in November of that year and then officially married in April of 1993. Elisheva was born during this time, and they created a joint family with both children. From the moment Elisheva was born, Jesse has been very open about his love for her and her mother. He always refers to Richelle as his wife and loves her just as much as he loves Elisheva. Richelle, too, has always been very loving towards Jesse and their daughter.

Jesse & Theresa: Reunited

When Jesse and Theresa first wedded, it was not legal, and they were aware of this. They attempted to pursue the legal process, but it was not fruitful, so they decided to nullify the marriage and start afresh. This time, Jesse and Theresa held a legitimate wedding with a marriage certificate. Jesse has always been very open about his love for Theresa and his desire to spend the rest of his life with her. He has also stated that he wanted to marry her again for a considerable length of time. When Jesse and Theresa tied the knot once again, he exclaimed that he was overjoyed and that it was something he had desired for a long time.


Theresa Larson is a fitness and health role model who became engaged to Jesse Ventura after meeting him