Trent Grandberry Children&Amira Big Brother

You are likely acquainted with Omarion, who is none other than the celebrated American luminary Omari Ishmael Grandberry. He is an accomplished vocalist, virtuosic dancer, and adept lyricist. Omarion’s mother was blessed with multiple gifted offspring, among them being Amira Grandberry.

Initially, Omarion held the position of lead vocalist in the renowned ensemble recognized as B2K. Comprising other members such as Fizz, J Boog, and Raz-B, the band ultimately disbanded in 2004 following the release of seven musical albums. This multitalented artist is also a proficient thespian, whose appearances in numerous cinematic ventures further elevated his eminence.

The Personal Life of Amira Grandberry

Amira is chiefly acknowledged as the sibling of Omarion. She was born to the illustrious parents Leslie Burrell and Trent Grandberry. No documented evidence of Amira’s birthdate is available.


Amira Grandberry has additional siblings apart from Omari Ishmael (Omarion). She possesses three brothers, namely O’Ryan, Ukil, and Tymon Grandberry. Moreover, Amira has two sisters, namely Kira and Arielle Grandberry.

Two of Amira’s siblings tread in the footsteps of their triumphant older brother, Omarion, who is a singer and lyricist par excellence. Unlike Omari, Amari prefers a more secluded existence and remains unacquainted with the public eye.

Amira’s Career

Amira’s life has largely unfolded behind the camera lens, hence information regarding her professional path is scarce. Her identity remains firmly veiled from public scrutiny, rendering it arduous to discern any specifics about her vocation.

However, her esteemed elder brother ranks amongst the world’s most affluent rap artists. Omarion’s career as a rapper, lyricist, and thespian has flourished magnificently. Commencing his musical journey in 1999 as the lead vocalist of the B2K ensemble, he has since ascended to the summit of RnB and Hip-hop artistry. Furthermore, Omarion and his bandmates have assumed prominent roles in motion pictures such as “You Got Served.” Consequently, his remarkable contributions have garnered him nominations and victories across various accolades.

The Net Worth of Amira Grandberry

Amira and her family have deliberately maintained a discreet existence, allowing them to preserve a life shrouded in secrecy. Due to the dearth of information concerning her career, it is challenging to estimate her net worth.

Nonetheless, details regarding her illustrious elder brother are accessible to the public. We are cognizant of his substantial accumulation of wealth over the course of his career. Omarion stands not only as one of America’s most esteemed figures but also as one of the wealthiest. Being a music producer, songwriter, and singer, coupled with a Grammy Award nomination, has undoubtedly yielded substantial riches. Furthermore, his involvement in prominent movies and television shows must have been handsomely remunerated. Online sources approximate Omarion’s net worth to be approximately twelve million dollars.

Thus, being the sibling of one of the world’s most affluent individuals bestows financial affluence upon Amira’s family. Presumably, she leads a stable life, buoyed by the support of her brother.

Bottling Up

There exists little to divulge concerning Amira Grandberry beyond the fact that she is Omarion’s sister. Additionally, she refrains from partaking in social media platforms, effectively shrouding much of her personal life in obscurity from the public eye.